POG Slammer (Base Spirit: Rum)
POG Slammer (Base Spirit: Rum)

POG Slammer (Base Spirit: Rum)

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We love us some 90s' nostalgia here at IRS Cocktails. Who can forget the POGs craze that swept through schools nationwide in the early 90s. But did you know that POGs originated in Hawaii during the 1920s, when children saved milk bottle and juice caps from the Haleakala Dairy, which also made passion fruit-orange-guava drinks, hence POG? 
That trip down memory lane was the inspiration for POG Slammer. This unique tiki drink features rum, absinthe, and of course, POG juice. You'll definitely want to slam a few of these back.

Size: 375 ml

Serves: 3-4 cocktails (depending on pour size)

ABV: 22.9%


  • Rum
  • Absinthe
  • Passion fruit-orange-guava juice
  • Bitters

Glass: Tiki
Garnish: Lime wheel and cherry
Ice: Crushed



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